PAS 2021 Membership Process

If there are any inquiries on membership renewal such as online payment issues, adding your workplace or any inquiries with renewal, please email Brenda at or Michelle at and we will return your inquiry as soon as possible. We continue to work through the phone calls and emails. Thank you for your continued patience. If you are a new graduate and require proof your of malpractice insurance application, please use your receipt as proof of purchase. This means that new graduates can begin their process with SCPP.

Things To Remember: 

1) Make sure you know your username and password to login. If you haven't logged into your PAS account since last renewal, you will need a temporary username and password from us. Please  contact us .

2) Begin your renewal on your member home page, by clicking on the 
red Renew button 

4) If you don't have a middle initial please put a period in the box. 

5) If you are interested in any PAS committees, make sure to check off the box beside the committee names.

6) When you are renewing your full membership & malpractice insurance, be sure to check off the Full Membership and the Malpractice insurance option.

Fees should be:

Full membership and malpractice insurance renewal is $579.15
Full Joint and malpractice insurance renewal is $433.20
Full membership without insurance is $404.25

Name Change and Malpractice Insurance

If you have changed your name PAS requires legal documentation (eg. Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree) to legally change your malpractice insurance policy. Please fax (306 352-6770) or email copies of this documentation.

PAS 2020 - 2021 Membership and Malpractice Insurance Fees.pdf

Please complete the appropriate membership application form (below) and the Malpractice Insurance Application form (if applicable to the type of membership) and either fax 306.352.6770 or email PAS. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact the PAS Office at 306 359-7277.

Note: Malpractice Insurance must be in place prior to acquiring licensure for the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists (SCPP).

Full/Joint PAS Member

For a Full/Joint Membership is for those who want to be a full PAS member or a Joint PAS/CSHP member. Please note, if you are an international applicant, out of province applicant or a new graduate, use this form to apply for your membership and malpractice insurance.  

2020 - 2021 Full-Joint Membership Application

Wynward Malpractice Insurance Application.pdf

Please fill out this form to apply for your malpractice insurance.


Affiliate Membership applies to a pharmacist who has an interest in the profession and affairs of PAS  (Industry, Government) but is not currently practicing in Saskatchewan and/or does not require malpractice insurance. 

Auxiliary Membership applies to a non-pharmacist who has an interest in the profession and affairs of PAS  (Industry, Government, etc.)

2020 - 2021 Aff - Aux Membership Application


Retired Membership applies to a pharmacist who has permanently ceased to practice pharmacy.

2020 - 2021 Retired Member Application

Pharmacy Technician Application

Pharmacy Technician application is for malpractice insurance only. For new technicians, the application and malpractice insurance forms must be filled out and sent in. 

2020 - 2021 Pharmacy Technician Application

Please note, there has been a change in the cost of malpractice insurance for technicians. 

2020 - 2021 Technician Insurance Application.pdf

Please fill out this form to apply for your technician malpractice insurance.