Robbery Prevention

Below is a collection of links with very useful information on how to design your workplace environment and train staff to prevent robberies. Also, there are tips and documentation sheet describing what to do if you experienced a robbery or burglary. To report a robbery or burglary, contact your local police department and the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals at:

700 - 4010 Pasqua Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 7B9
Phone: 306-584-2292
Fax: 306-584-9695

SCPP Resource: Responsibilities to Prevent Drug Abuse and Diversion, October 2013 SCPP edition of Scope

In the unfortunate event of a robbery, PAS members have access to five free personal counseling sessions. For more information about our "Member's Assistance Program" go to Member's Assistance Program in the Membership section of our website.

Links to Useful Information on Robbery and Burglary Prevention

The Regina Police Service offers community outreach and safety strategies for local businesses. Pharmacies can reach out to the RPS and they will review strategies that pharmacies can use to deter criminal activity. To reach out to the RPS, please visit their website.